High Resolves

    High Resolves Canada delivers leading-edge global citizenship education experiences to equip youth with critical life skills for a rapidly-changing world.

    We are an innovative, charitable organization dedicated to fostering global citizenship and developing young people’s ability to be active, engaged participants.
    Our learning programs focus on developing students into citizens and leaders and equipping them with 21st century skills necessary to thrive in our world today and to shape the world ahead.
    We create opportunities for students to deeply explore topics that include identity and purpose, empathy, just society, and news literacy, and encourage them to think critically, independently and to collaborate with each other.

    Our programs

    for Change

    Videos for Change is a project-based, real-world learning experience where students create a one-minute video about a social issue they are passionate about. Students develop critical thinking, collaboration and collective action skills, and their videos raise awareness, spark conversations and inspire change.

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    Composer educational

    We’ve designed a digital platform of interactive, asynchronous learning experiences and resources for students and educators from the world’s best citizenship education providers.

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    Peak Experiences
    school workshops

    Our expert facilitators guide students through these highly interactive workshops that encourage them to think differently, question, collaborate and problem solve. We also provide customizable workshops for parents and school community members to explore these topics.

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    Teacher professional

    We have curated a library of complimentary educational resources that help teachers deliver classroom experiences that reinforce the development of 21st Century skills. We also offer professional development to support citizenship education in the classroom.

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    I continue to be impressed with how High Resolves is teaching young people about independent thinking in a time when it is more important than ever.

    Shelley GaudetGrade 7 teacher, Kingsway College School

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