High Resolves

    Our curriculum builds coping skills, as well the ability of young people to think independently and critically, helping students to understand, interpret and thrive in the rapidly changing world around them.

    The intensive workshops in schools, delivered both in person and online, set the foundation for a positive mindset for each child, developing social and emotional intelligence, respect and care for others with different backgrounds and perspectives, as well as patience, cooperation and teamwork.

    In each experience, young people are asked to put themselves in the shoes of others, and to understand the various components of decision-making in order to benefit a broader community, not just themselves.  Inquisitiveness is encouraged, as well as leadership, helping children to find their voice and drive in fulfilling their human responsibility towards others.

    The workshops are genuinely fun, helping students to find their voice, and develop passion in new areas to which they can make a contribution.

    Aligned to the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum, our workshops develop:

    • critical and creative thinking
    • personal and social capability
    • ethical understanding, and
    • intercultural understanding

    Specific modules in our program address the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability, considering issues such as the responsible management of food resources, waste management and environmental protection.

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