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    Our expert facilitators guide students through highly interactive workshops that encourage them to think differently, question, collaborate and problem solve. Our engaging, simulation-based approach provokes young people to explore their identities, examine their beliefs and reflect on how their choices impact their world.

    We offer five main workshops that cover the themes of Identity and Purpose, Independent Thinking, what it means to have a Just Society, how we might achieve Social Progress and considering personal values in Better Self. We can also customize our workshops based on your school or classroom objectives and desired learning outcomes.

    Talking About… Independent Thinking

    Through independent investigation we explore techniques of narrative, language and representation that can be used in modern media to influence our perceptions. Students learn to assess the credibility and authority of the sources of their news and online messages.

    Talking About… Identity and Purpose

    Build cohesion, resilience, curiosity and compassion by unpacking how we understand and categorise ourselves and others, and how this impacts our interactions with those around us.

    Talking About… Just Society

    Explore the distribution of resources in society and consider concepts of effort and reward, the equity of access to opportunities and good fortune.


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    Talking About… Social Progress

    Does good leadership mean making sacrifices for the greater good?  Roleplaying as a political ambassador, this lesson lets students weigh up decisions and actions through the lens of leadership and international governance.

    Talking About… Better Self

    When we examine our personal value systems we can understand how and why we make decisions. Students practise integrating different perspectives and develop skills to help them effectively work with those who see the world differently to them.

    In 2021, Composer was one of five finalists in the SXSW EDU Launch Competition, was an EdTech Cool Tool Award Finalist in the 21st Century Skills Solution category, earned a Research-Based Design Certification from Digital Promise, won a Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Social Impact category from Good Design Australia, and was recognized as one of the top 100 brightest innovations in education as part of HundrED's Global Collection 2022.

    It is important for young people to realize the reality of the world they live in and how much of a voice they have in changing the issues so many people face.

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